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Shore Velocity

Shore Velocity Schedule


Club Ride Schedule


TUES : 5:30pm  1401 Galway Cr. Salisbury, MD A+ Ride w/o regroups  *see map below*

                                     Call Brian 410-430-3177

WED: 5:30pm  1924 Buck Harbor Rd. Pocomoke, MD  B+/A w/regroups as necessary

                                    Call Barry 410-957-6019 or Scott 410-957-4034

 THUR: 6:00 1404 S. Salisbury Blvd. Salisbury, MD [Salisbury Cycle & Fitness] B/A w/regroups as necessary

                                    Call Nate 410-546-4747

SAT: TBD check DELMARVA CYCLING GROUP for up to date details

SUN: 9:00 am 209 6th St. Pocomoke, MD Show-n-Go All abilities welcome w/regroups as necessary

                                     Call Scott 410-957-4034 or Barry 410-957-6019

FALL/WINTER -  Updated 10/14/2007

WED: 7:00pm  Naylor Mill Park. Salsibury, MD  MBT. Bike w/lights

                                    Call Ed 757-894-0352 or Nate 410-546-4747

SAT: 9:00 am Show-n-Go, All abilities welcome 2+ hrs

                                     1401 Galway Cr. Salisbury, MD

                                     Call Brian 410-430-3177

SUN: 10:00 am Sunday Services,  All abilities welcome 2+ hrs

                                     26852 Robert Burns Ln. Salisbury, MD

                                     Call Jason 410-334-6664

SUN: 1:00 pm Show-n-Go All abilities welcome 2+ hrs

                                     209 6th St. Pocomoke, MD

                                     Call Scott 410-957-4034 or Barry 410-957-6019



Tuesday Loops
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Group Rides

Fall/Winter Weekend Rides (B rides - 2.5 to 3.5 hrs) Low intensity rides. Should be a 100% aerobic ride at endurance pace [pace at which you can carry on a conversation with fellow cyclist and feel like you can ride forever]. Dual paceline is common and no regroups, because no one is dropped.

Tuesday (A+ ride - 1.0 to 2.5 hrs) High intensity road or cirterium circuit rides, interval/repeat drills, or hard training - each week will be different. No regrouping on road circuit rides.

Wednesday (A/B+ ride - 1.0 to 2.0 hrs) Spirited road ride with regroup spots, everybody rides - no dropouts allowed.

Thursday (A ride - 1.0 to 2.0 hrs) Spirited road ride with regroup spots, everybody rides – no dropouts allowed.

Saturday/Sunday (A/B+ - 2.0 to 3.0 hrs) Road circuit ride at endurance pace - similar circuit with regroup spots, everybody rides – no dropouts allowed.



  • Safe, fun, and exhausting ride for all
  • Increase cycling fitness
  • Work on bike handling & etiquette while in pace line
  • Encourage novice riders, develop sport cyclist, and strengthen seasoned racers

How it Works:

  • Ride leader announces ride route & re-group spots at the beginning of each ride
  • Ride sweeper is designated
  • The ride-out is easy spin & chat
  • When in pace line – roll to the left <unless otherwise noted>, keep pulls short <20-30 seconds>, keep pace with pedal cadence <no stop/start pedaling>, pull at your discretion <you’re not obligated to pull>, if you’re not pulling – stay to the back of the line.
  • If group is big enough, pack can split into slow-fast/long-short. Regardless, re-group at designated spots.
  • Ride sweeper catches any/all riders off the back - between re-groups and helps bring them back to the pack

Note about safety

 We all want to ride back the way we rode out - without broken bones, cuts, or bruises. Be Courteous to other cyclists, pedestrians, and motorized vehicles. Follow the rules of the road. People who aren’t cyclist don’t necessarily understand us and our sport. Represent yourself and the club in the highest regard.

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